Friday, April 8, 2011


I can't believe I am still immobilized. At least the last two months of my pregnancy I could not do much except lay on couch with feet up watching tv (carpal tunnel and swelling apparently caused by pre-eclampsia). From Monday evening 3/28 to Thursday morning 3/31 I was literally bed-ridden.

And ever since, I have spent most of my time lying down. Not because I'm tired, but because sitting, standing and walking all cause pain in the hematoma. And apparently as the swelling subsides, the pain increases.

But even if I felt outstanding, my son wont sleep without a human body touching him...he falls asleep while nursing. I lie with him 30, 60 or even 90 min. Then the second I try to put him in bassinet or rocking chair, he wakes up. No sound ever makes him stir, but take away his mom or dad and he is instantly awake. Its adorable. Its endearing. Its kind of a pain in the arse whenever I need to eat or go to bathroom or am just really not interested in lying in bed. But the boy really has my best interests in mind because the more I lay around, the quicker I will heal...

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