Thursday, December 16, 2010


I actually did it! We baked a birthday cake for Jesus! I said I was going to do it, and we did it! I am so proud of myself :)

Granted, it didn't go exactly as I had planned...there was no time to decorate the birthday cake because the boys took a loooong time decorating the gingerbread house (that wasn't in the original plan, but was a HUGE blessing). Brytin and I didn't gorge ourselves on birthday cake either, but that probably wasn't a necessary part of the fun.

We mixed the batter together. I baked. I frosted. I lit the candle, and all three of us sang "Happy Birthday." Brytin, of course, enjoyed a piece of the cake :)

Yesterday, a dear old friend posted this status update on Facebook, "if there is one flaw in women, it is this...they forget there worth and how remarkable they truly are!:)"

I think that one of the best ways to remember my worth is to celebrate my successes.

Yay me!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple Christmas?

A friend suggested we all focus this year on a "Simpler Christmas."

I can check that off my "to do" list.

I haven't hung a single strand of lights, and haven't yet decided if I even will.

I had good intentions. After Brytin's birthday, I was going to lug all the decorations out. (I always wait until after his birthday.)

But then I found out he'll be gone for the ten days preceding Christmas, and I just haven't been able to muster the energy to do any of the awesomely fun stuff we did last year.

Last year was an AWESOME Christmas - my favoritest. I will always remember it. I wasn't overburdened or burnt out or anything like that. I had every intention of working the same game plan this year. But, when the child will be gone for ten days, it just sort of changes the game, I guess.

Life has been pretty difficult for me since Thanksgiving. It was a pleasure to serve a Thanksgiving feast. But the pain that has invaded my hands and my ribs since...well, let's just say I've been a crabbypants for a few weeks now...

So, as I reread my friend's blog posts about simplifying our holiday celebrations, I am reminded that Christmas really can be best celebrated in many simple ways.

+ Every time Brytin and I are in the car, and it is dark outside, we take the time to enjoy the Christmas lights others have hung.

+ Christopher received a Christmas present that he truly truly truly L-O-V-E, LOVES. (An ipod nano.)

+ We take our dog for a walk after dark, so we can enjoy the Christmas lights in our neighborhood.

+ We took Brytin ice skating - and Chris had a FABULOUS time :D

+ I got a pea in a pod ornament to commemorate my pregnancy.

Brytin leaves tomorrow, so there really isn't time for much Christmas fanfare. I think that before he goes, he and I will bake a birthday cake for Jesus. And I will thank Him for a holiday that has so far been filled with peace and joy and love.

(Birthday Cake idea stolen from article, "Have Yourself a Very Simple Christmas."

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

People-Pleaser Checklist

Ever wondered if you are a people-pleaser? I found this people-pleaser checklist in "Be Happy Without Being Perfect" by Alice Domar.

1. I should always do what others want, expect or need from me.

2. I should take care of everyone around me whether they ask for help or not.

3. I should always listen to everyone's problems and try my best to solve them.

4. I should always be nice and never hurt anyone's feelings.

5. I should always put other people first, before me.

6. I should never say no to anyone who needs or requests something of me.

7. I should never disappoint anyone or let others down in any way.

8. I should always be happy and upbeat and never show any negative feelings to others.

9. I should always try to please other people and make them happy.

10. I should try never to burden others with my own needs or wants.

You may need to replace "other people" with "my husband" or "my mother" or my "best friend" or "my children" to get a firm grasp on your true situation.

The book suggests writing opposing statements to train your brain to start changing the behavior. For example, "I should always do what my mother wants, expects or needs" could be rewritten to say "I know that I do not always have to do what my mother wants, expects or needs from me. I can choose to give when and if i want to do so."