Saturday, July 31, 2010

So my one goal was to show Brytin the bikes at Sturgis. We finally made it, and he is asleep!
Ok we are almost to Sturgis. How it has taken us all day I will never understand
I was more impressed with corn palace than wall drug. But at least I got pocs of Brytin in cut-outs like from when I was a kid
25 min to wall drug!!
I never thought I'd say this, but the rolling grasslands of SoDak are really pretty
OMG at this rest stop there were a million crickets. Where's St. Erho when u need him?
Mountain Time Zone! We just gained an hour! Thats awesome!!
Its hot its smells seriously im so over farm country. John Thune??
Medicine Butte in Reliance, SoDak was a place of worship and sacrifice for the Indians. So named cuz the plants, roots and herbs in area had healing properties.
Bijou Hills, Red Lake pretty cool :)
We've only gone like 90 miles in three hours! This is ridiculous. But at least we are having fun :) Took Brytin into Cabela's to see the wildlife exhibits.
Corn Palace, you are way coole than I've given you credit for the last 20 years.
Guess who is eating Taco John's????
320 to Rapid City! Prior to, of course, we'll be stopping at Corn Palace, Wall Drug and Cosmos :D
PS Brytin is trailering a bike to Sturgis this year. Hopefully I can post a pic when we get home.
33 miles from SoDak. Saw a motorcycle accident :( Please please please be careful out there. LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES
Gassed up, loaded up, donuts, coffee, etc, etc. We are on our way - only 90 min late, pretty good for me and mom!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

OMG my mom and I are sitting on the patio and there is a little baby mouse running around!!!! EEEK!!!!!!
Had a wonderful day in MN. My dad loaded my truck with childhood memories and some gifts for my husband. Hoping to leave around 4 AM for Sturgis.
Gave my bff a hug. She's super cute preggers. Raining in MN today

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another beautiful sonset in America
2nd couple i've seen going to sturgis
Just made last gas stop for evening. Should be able to go straight to destination :) It's 6 pm now...should be there by 9 pm!! Yipppppeeeee!
Praisin the Lord on 35 :D
On our way!!
Made it!!!
$10K if u hit a road worker
Omg im out of KS
Toll 8.50
I'm NOT stopping til Cameron!!!!
Chg of route (again) Currently on 70 east. Taking to 435 North. Then 29 North. To 92 east. To 35 North to Cameron. I just spoke to Brytin!I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!
50 to Topeka
PS Taking 35 north towards Topeka. After Emporia, 35 becomes 335, then 470 in Topeka. When turnpike goes right to KC, stay left to St. Joeseph/59.
Still just outside Witchita. Slept, cleaned up myself and the truck,ate and fed Jax. Finally, we are on our way!!
182 to KC

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

70 miles to witchita. 5 hours from Brytin
Instead of waterboarding, we should make detainees drive back and forth thru Kansas
I forgot about the super loud bugs in KS. I thought I was blessed with KS at nite...not so much. It's really hard to see cuz it is sooooo dark
Moon is even more amesome tonite
Jax, I think we are in Kansas!!
40 miles to KS
Oklahoma is OK!!
What up, Big Texas? Thankfully, I'm on the sunny side of the storm :) I have ONLY dog that HATES wind in his face.
Goodbye 40. It was a great ride. Hello 54. Lets create some good memories, eh?
Wow another hitchhiker. This one had a yellow lab with him
Jax has gone potty. I have a cool drink. The truck has gas. We're leaving this po-dunk town in NM for bigger and better (and hopefully cheaper). Amarillo by 7?
239 to Amarillo
The NM Memorial of Perpetual Tears for fatal victims of DUI is heart-wrenching
The smell of rain
I lied. Stopped for Subway. Hopefully I'll make Alb by 1.
Continental divide
New Mex. No more stops til Alb. 152 mi
Querino Wash on 40E is one of God's special works.
OMG a hitchhiker!!!
Proof that AZ is awesome - talk radio on FM
299 to Albuequerque
A photo could never portray the beauty of sunrise in Flagstaff. Sunglasses definitely required!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SD to Phoenix is 350 miles. How come it'll take me 8 hrs to get there? Shouldn't it be 6 hrs drive time plus time for stopping? I havent wasted 2 hrs stopped!!
75 mph limit is great for time, bad for gas.
Blg ass moon
On my way to Phoenix!
As per posted signs, I'm currently watching for animals. If I see a snake, I,m totally running it over.
Saguaro cactus on 95N
2.65 for gas :)
Right outside of Yuma, the barren desert turns into beautiful sand dunes. Wind-blown, golden brown, beautiful. I dont think my camera will reflect their beauty
The boulders in East County are beautiful! As I stare out at the expanse of desert in Ocotillo Wells, I wonder if this is all really such a good idea...
129 to Yuma
So an hour after I said I was leaving, I actually was on the road. I went to 32nd St to get gas and got caught in traffic. Now I'm on the 8E right past Viejas.
Finally heading out. My general plan is 8E to Yuma. 95N to 10E to Phoenix. 17N to Flagstaff. 40E to Albuquerque. 25N to CO Sprgs. 24E to 70E to KC...

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Naming of a Child

I want to name my first daughter Latika (LAH-ti-ka) after the girl in "Slumdog Millionaire" or Aramis if it's a boy...if I never have a child, it'll have to be my next pet.

According to a Google search, Latika means elegant.

Aramis is the surname of a fictional swordsman in The Three Musketeers. Interestingly, he was ambitious and religious. Possibly, Aramis means "reflection of Heaven." Another interesting aspect, is that the name is French - as is Broussard.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And finally, i am laying my head down to sleep
I do NOT recommend a red eye flight if you have something to do...I'm having a really crappy day and I'm sure it stems from the lack of sleep.
Seriously, its cold and raining in SD
At the airport...waiting...bought a neck pillow at Gredel's recommendation. Have to be at court as soon as my flight lands...hope I can get out of that ticket!
Fwd: Packing was really hard. I dont want to leave my husband...I cried a LOT. But I finally showed him my secret beach in the wetlands ;)

Bishop Museum Honolulu

I definitely had my fill of Hawaiian history this trip. I'm glad it went like it did - a week of research, a week of exploring and then 2 days of what they wanted me to know.

One cool thing I took away from the Bishop Museum is that ancient Hawaiians had a name for every stage of the moon. And often, they would refer to their birthday by the moon they were born under.

Lunar Days

How they ever memorized all the names, I will never know (there are 30 of them). And each day had very specific rules for their religion and their farming.

In contrast, I know the names of the following moon stages (from high school astronomy):

Sad, huh?

I wrote about a full moon once...

I even attempted to take some photographs recently with my mom's fancy camera.

Highly recommend avoiding the restrooms at LAX...
Made it to LAX...hopefully can make my connection in time...seriously, thats a long ass flight

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seeing the only royal palace on U.S. soil was cool. I enjoyed the guided tour. I appreciated the woodwork and the Queen's quilt. The koa staircase is beautiful.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Really truly it is my last night. I'm ok with that. I'll miss my husband, but I am ready to go home.
Crap! I just realized that while I've been busy sunning myself on the Islands, I've been missing the Tour!
Trying to catch lunch on Hickam is a hassle. Tomorrow we'll visit Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum and Contemporary Art. No idea what's in store for my last nite...
Military Cemetery was BEAUTIFUL. Should have vertical markers, though.
HiSAM was basically a vessel to bash the white man for "ruining" the Islands...I'm not saying mistakes weren't made, I'm just saying that it cant be undone.
Made it to bot'l garden - more of a park. Sad that Queen L's land was never used for its full purpose...if I win lottery, I'm gonna donate funds to make it so.
At the HI State Art Museum. Interesting that natives focus on the destruction caused by man rather than the beauty created by God.
Big day planned - bot'l garden, military cemetery, art museum, mission museum, and contemporary art museum. Once Chris gets off work, the only U.S. Palace.

The Rumor Mill

I gotta get this out, and I don't know how else to do it but write...Sorry if I am posting something I shouldn't, but seriously, rumors are for junior high.

So the minute I got here, some guy was talking smack about quite a few individuals shacking up together. As a civilian wife, I like to pretend like hook ups don't happen. Why? Cuz you wanna believe your husband would never, but there's always the possibility that he is just a really good liar and has friends who are really good at keeping secrets...

Anyway, so my husband introduces me to this girl that he sometimes chats with at work. He thought we'd be a good personality match, and he was right. From go, I thought she was cool people.

Unfortunately, she was one of the individuals that guy was saying was doing the nasty with someone other than her husband...I'm SO not cool with that.

As time progressed, I mentioned to her that there were rumors and she refuted them. Then finally, I got the skinny from old buddy as to why exactly he put her in that category. As it turns out, he heard it from someone else and just took it as fact. I definitely don't play like that. I need to know the TRUTH. (Except with celebrity gossip, of course - I just make up my own truth.)

So, I give her the skinny. As it turns out, the skinny is totally thin. The dude knew the rumor was gonna fall flat on its face, so he put the blame on somebody else. My friend, of course, being similar to me, confronts this someone else and in turn starts a whole shit storm of drama...

I get called to the plate and tell it straight. Old dude said this. I said this. Why? Not to start drama, but to squash it. Either way, I'm looked at by some as the bad guy and some as the savior.

I personally think I did the right thing. If someone is spreading rumors about me, I want to know. If I hear rumors that don't quite jive with the personality I know, I want to understand. If someone who my husband considers a friend doesn't take a marriage vow seriously, I have the right to know.

Here's how I see it - don't start rumors. Know who you are talking to. Watch what you talk about. If you want to know the truth, ask. If you don't want rumors to be started about you, then conduct yourself in a manner becoming a woman. Don't put yourself in situation where anyone can conjecture bullshit - ESPECIALLY if you work in a command that is known for hook ups...Simple, right?

Monday, July 19, 2010

"Bubba Was My Best Good Friend"

For a die hard fan of Forrest Gump (like I am), Bubba Gump Shrimp is a MUST!! Movie memorabilia, trivia, and WAY better food than Joe's or Red Lobster. Five Stars from me!!

Chris had a bucket of mussels and a plate of cajun shrimp. I had a bucket of garlic butter shrimp and a plate of shrimp stuff with crab and cheese. YUM!!!!!!!!!

Our waitress was awesome. She even quizzed me on Forrest Gump trivia.

Q: Which bus did Forrest ride to Jenny's apartment?

A: Trick! He ran to her apartment. He was waiting for the #9 bus until the sweet old lady told him how close the apartment was.

Q: Which brand of shoes did Forrest wear on his cross country run?

A: Nike

Other quotes I often use from Forrest Gump:

"I'll always be your girl."

"This whole other country."

"She smelt like cigarettes."

In case you are wondering why I love the movie so much, it is because no movie like Forest shows the HUGE difference one man can make.
Visited the USS Arizona Memorial. Almost half the people who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor died aboard the Arizona. I balled like a baby.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Meet the Honu
I would've gotten awesome pics of sunset over ocean, but we were being attacked by red ants, so we left too soon.
I was in the water and a GIANT turtle swam by me :)
There's a turtl on the beach today! I got tons of pics for all my readers :)

Malama na honu (Care for the Turtles)

Today I am scheduled to go back to Turtle Beach with Gredel.

In honor of such an adventure, I give you information regarding the green sea turle.

It eats algae and seagrass. It is an herbivore.

The shell is brown. It is called a green sea turtle because the fat underneath the shell is green.

Only eats while underwater.

Green sea turtles are actually ancient - they saw the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct.

They have a heart-shaped shell. A non-retractable small head. Males have bigger tails than females. And they all have big flat flippers for awesome swimming.

The green sea turtle is one of the few turtles that will leave the water (other than laying eggs). For what? Sunbathing, of course :)

One of the interesting things I read is that green sea turtles are easily stressed out, and that is why they often drown - in normal circumstances, honu can hold their breath about five minutes.

National Geographic
Malama na honu

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunsets of Oahu

On the flight to Hawaii, July 2

In Waikiki, July 3

Independence Day 2010

West Side of Island, July 10

Aloha 'Aina Park, July 14

For more pictures on July 14, see Sunset From Hickam

Aloha 'Aina Park, July 16

Sunset over Hickam, July 17

I saw a double rainbow!!!
When we arrived at Arizona, it started to rain. We got pedicures instead.
Now my husband is finally taking me to USS Arizona Memorial.

Lyon Arburetum

Visited a tropical rainforest today :)

Through research on the internet for waterfalls, I came across Lyon Arboretum. If ever you are in Oahu, you must visit this place. It is a completely different Oahu than anything we had yet visited. Just remember to bring bug spray!!

It is almost always raining there, so bring a poncho or buy a plastic bag with a hood from the visitors center for $1.25.

Unfortunately, because of the rain, I wasn't able to take many photos :(

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm staying thru Wednesday :) Probly not gonna make it to USS Arizona today, cuz it's too hot outside for Mr. Hungover...
Woke up at 730 - not sure's my last day :(

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Had more garlic shrimp at Honos in Hale'iwa. Yum!! Now we are invited to the Chiefs' BBQ...


I saw Sea Turtles!!!!! Aloha, honu!!!

We were at Laniakea Beach/Turtle Beach between Hale'iwa and Waimea

I was too busy watching to get any awesome pics, but they were really there :)

Remember, Sea Turtles are endangered. Please do not touch, tease, feed, etc.
Kolekole is a one way road. You can only take it from West Side from 7 am to noon. We missed it by 30 minutes. I really hate when my good intentions dont work.
Even tho I said I'd never go West side again, I am willing to make one more trip for the Kolekole Pass...a military only mountain road. Hope it's worth it!
38 hrs left on this island. What to do??

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A View of the Sunset from Hickam

Original Pictures:

Pictures that now look awesome after adjusting colors:

I dont know why God has blessed me with beautiful sights, wonderful experiences and precious time with loved ones this summer, but I do appreciate every moment.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out for dinner and drinks with Gredel at uber cool Apartment 3 in Honolulu.
Finally gonna see the Leaping Place of the Souls.


A lesson in the native Hawaiian language (as taken from Oahu Revealed - which I HIGHLY recommend, by the way).

The Hawai'i state fish is the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. At first glance it seems like a nightmare. But if you read the word slowly, it is pronounced just like it looks.

Humu (hoo-moo) is pronounced twice.
Nuku (noo-koo) is prounounced twice.
A (ah) is pronounced once.
Pu is pronounced once.
A'a (ah-ah) is the ah sound pronounced twice.

Now you try it:


I once had a friend who was a literary genius. Her favorite word to pronounce was humuhumunukunukuapua'a. I would then retort with "Atatata kata desu." Which means "It is warm outside" in Japanese and was my favorite phrase to pronounce.

Imagine my surprise when her little linguistic joy was broken down so simply for me :)

LB - I think it is time you upgrade from onomatopoeia!

A Little Lesson in Hawaiian History

One of the things I wanted to learn about when I came to Hawaii was how in the world these eight islands thousands of miles off the coast of California came to be an American state. I realized, of course, that it was probably a military strategy, but how did it happen?

When I went to the library last week, I found a whole shelf filled with books regarding said topic. From my lips to God's ears :)

The first book I read was A Concise History of the Hawaiian Islands by Phil Barnes. This book gave me an excellent overview of how Hawaii became the 50th state. From the first settlement of Polynesians in 400 or 500 A.D. to the Sovereignty Movement that sprung up in the 1970s.

The next book I picked up was From a Native Daughter: Colonialism and Sovereignty in Hawaii by Haunani Kay Trask. She is ANGRY!
Despite American political and territorial control of Hawai'i since 1898, Hawaiians are not Americans. Nor are we Europeans or Asians. We are not from the Pacific Rim, nor are we immigrants to the Pacific. We are the children of Papa-earth mother and Wakea-sky father- who created the sacred lands of Hawai'i Nei...
(the opening sentence of her book)
Her book includes her perspective on everything from Hawaii's history, to the economic plight of the native Hawaiian, to the bastardization of the Hawaiian culture through tourism, to political debates being waged over the past 40 years regarding the future of Hawaii.

And finally, I got my hands on Hawaiian Sovereignty: Do the Facts Matter? by Thurston Twigg-Smith. As the great-grandson of a haole (white man) who was integral in the colonization of Hawaii, he has an entirely different perspective.
As Will and Ariel Durant state in The Lessons of History, "Our knowledge of any past event is always incomplete, probably inaccurate, beclouded by ambivalent evidence and biased historians, and perhaps distorted by our own patriotic or religious partnership." (the opening sentence of his book)
Obviously, there are at least two sides to every argument. I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn the two most opposite sides of this argument. In case you are interested, here is my recap:

First of all, the "Native Daughter," though ethnically Hawaiian, was born in California.

Second of all, no one is "native" of Hawaii like the Native Americans. Hawaii was first DISCOVERED by the Polynesians, so the native Hawaiians are actually the offspring of explorers that landed here by happenstance. I'm not saying they do not have a right to claim Hawaii as home, I am just saying that their plight is NOT the same as that of the Native Americans. (Side note: in my research, I found an interesting Wikiarticle about Indigenous People.)

Third of all, if America had not stepped in and claimed Hawaii as ours, Japan would have. We did it without shedding blood. Do you think that Japan would have?

I agree that the Hawaiian culture, language, religion, etc should be appreciated, treasured and protected. However, deeming haole the enemy doesn't change the disrespect you feel. Rather than demanding sovereignty to go about life in your previous manner, why not seek to improve our capitalist, imperialist, parasitic way of life so that you can be proud to Hawaiian and American?
Got a manicure, pedicure and my brows waxed. This girl is PAMPERED!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just saw stairway to heaven. Holy buckets!! I love how the only color besides green u see on H3 is pink flower of Octupus tree.
Today's lesson - know the intentions of the person you choose to follow, cuz he's probly clueless of your goal.
Swam in ocean for the first time. Much thx to Eugster for teaching me how to safely. Enjoying the sun, a book on Hawaiian history and a Hornsby Hard Cider.
This beach in Kailua is awesome!!!
My friend rented a paddle board...I might try it...depends on whether or not she drowns. LOL Seriously, I have HUGE fears of ocean currents sweeping me away.
Finally! I'm gonna go sit my butt on the beach and get my legs tan.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

La'ie Point is my most favoritest place in Oahu. Ka'ena St Pk, the Hickam Wetland and Aloha 'Aina Park are all tied for second :)
Ate at a shrimp truck in Hakuna. Garlic butter shrimp, mahi mahi, new york steak, macaroni salad, rice...YUM!!!
Ever want to know your fave shade of green? Drive the H-3. They are all there for easy comparison ;)

Clarification on the word "UGLY"

When I said the West Side of O'ahu was "ugly," please know I was referring to the lack of trees, flowers, green hillsides...It had nothing to do with the inundation of ramshackle houses, fast food chains and tent cities...

"The Dark Side of the Waianae Coast" is a depressing sight to see, but it doesn't mean you should not visit this location.

When I blog from my phone, I only am able to input 140 characters at a time, so I have to be as concise as possible. I meant no disrespect to the PEOPLE of the West Side.

Read all about my Hawaiian Adventure

2010 Dodge Challenger

Did I mention we just cruised O'ahu in a 2010 Dodge Challenger?!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why are so many houses elevated? Tsunamis? What's with tent city outside Makuha?
My bad - west side. Stupid backwards island!
The East side of O'ahu is UGLY until you get to Kea'nu Park
Ka'ena State Park (where the paved road ends) is GORGEOUS!
Camping on the beach is apparently what the locals do on the weekend.
In Aka'a'awa, the road is so close to the ocean, the waves splash your car!

My Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World

I have known her her entire life (and most of mine). We weren't always close, but at some point we became the closest two friends can get.

I probably need her more than she needs me...she's smart and funny and honest and real and I wouldn't have made it through the last decade without her.

She's having a baby shower today for her first baby and I can't be there. The miles that separate us on a daily basis never seemed so far until today...

I love you, Tutti Frutti!! (And Bronco too!)

Wanna see pics of her adorable nursery and pretty pregnant belly?
The Little Peanut Gallery by Angie

Road Trip!

Now that I have finished reading Oahu Revealed, I have changed my itinerary a little for the drive around the island today.

First, I plan to let Chris drive a ridiculously curvy mountain road (Tantalus). Why? Because the views will be awesome for me and the drive will get him "in the mood" for the trip :)

Then we will take the 61 North to the Pali Lookout.

Then the 83 N to the Valley of Temples

Then continue north on the 83 to La'ie Point

We'll take the 83 around north side of the island to 930 and go west. When the road ends, you gotta hike to the westernmost point of the island Ka'ena Point. But what I really want to see is the Hawaiian sacred site "Leaping Place for Souls."

I'm a really weird tourist, aren't I?! I have no interest in the water or the beaches, I want to learn about the island through their trees and birds and sacred sites.

By the way, we'll be seeing mountains and beaches the whole way - it is an island after all :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trees in O'ahu That Caught My Eye

Pink Oleander (can be seen between North and South 5 in San Diego)

Rainbow Shower Tree


Gold Shower Tree (the State tree)

Be Still, Little Yellow Oleander (the most awesome name for a tree EVER)


Hau Tree (pronounced HOW)


Palm Tree

Fan Palm Tree

Pink Plumeria





Leslie Broussard, tree photographer extraordinaire ;)