Sunday, August 8, 2010

60000 illegal immigrant births per year in Texas

I bought a book at the Dollar Tree the other day, "Let Them In," by Jason L. Riley. I bought it because I am interested in reading an opposing point of view on the immigration issue. And the author promised to debunk all the common arguments made against immigration.

Unfortunately, I have been busy the last couple days and have not yet had a chance to read it. (There are actually a LOT of books on that list of "have not read yet.")

This morning as I was sipping my morning coffee, I came upon this article regarding illegal immigrant births in Texas.

It appears to me that the one side of the argument is that these helpless children have no where to go...that America cannot turn them away just because their parents broke the laws.

The other side is looking at the 14th amendment line that states "all peoples born within the borders of the United States become its citizen," and saying that it isn't necessary in the birth of the child to automatically make it a citizen.

First of all, I would be interested in seeing a comparison between the handling of the babies born in prison and the babies born to illegal immigrants. Both parents broke the are the children treated relatively speaking? Children born to mothers in prison are in a very similar situation, and I believe, they end up in our debacle of a foster care system...

Second of all, the section of the 14th amendment that has been bastardized to allow illegal immigrants to give birth here was meant to protect slaves. It made illegal the state laws that prevented slaves from becoming citizens and from being treated as property.

Maybe that is why there is such animosity between the hispanics and the blacks?

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