Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gavin Scott

A baby was born on Sept 14th. Not my baby, but a baby I couldn't possibly love any more than if he were my own.

My best friend had her baby :)

It kills me that I haven't held him yet, but I know God is infinitely wiser than I, so there must be some great plan in the works...

Gavin Scott. What an AWESOME name. With a name like that he is bound to be the most popular, most adorable, most hilarious, most intelligent AND most athletic boy in all of Rockford.

As I've written before, Amy is priceless to me. Just as our mothers were close, Amy has been my rock for the last decade. I can only pray that somehow, our children don't feel the 2200 mile distance and become lifelong friends. (Or maybe I have a girl and the Glors and Galsters finally unite?!)

Congratulations, Amy and Brandon!!

If interested, you can read some of her experience on Little Lou Laughs.

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