Friday, June 11, 2010


Having my mom here has been a HUGE blessing thus far (as I KNEW it would be).

Her flight arrived 10 minutes early on Wednesday June 9. YAY! More time with my mom!

I took her to see the view from Harbor Island. I pointed out Point Loma (Cabrillo National Park), Naval Air Station North Island, the Coronado Bridge and downtown.
We proceeded south on Harbor Drive. I pointed out the Embarcadero area with the Hornblowers, the cruise ships and the Star of India. I pointed out the Midway museum and described the Aircraft Memorial Park.

As we continued down Harbor Drive, I told her a little about Seaport Village and the Gaslamp District. I showed her the Convention Center where Comic-Con is held and bragged about the grassy knoll in Petco Park.

We drove south on Harbor Drive until we reached the end of the ships docked at the 32nd Street Naval Base.

As we were driving home on the 54 East, I saw a coyote running down the side of the road.

Then, as we rounded the curve left to the 125 North, I pointed out the untouchable Sweetwater Dam and my mountain and then we saw a brush fire burning on what I think is Dictionary Hill. As we got closer to our exit, she excitedly proclaimed, “Oh! There’s your street!”

Once we got onto Jamacha Boulevard, we could see and hear the helicopters travelling to the Reservoir, picking up buckets of water and then dropping them on the fire.
I had previously told my mom that Brytin and I spent time Tuesday afternoon decorating the front of the house with American flags. First, because Brytin LOVES American flags, second because I wanted my house cute and welcoming for my momma and third because my husband is going out to sea very soon and I want to support him in his mission.

As we neared Space 116, my mom says, “Oh! Look at how nicely they decorated their house!” And then I pulled into the carport. In total shock she says, “Oh! This is YOUR house!” We both got a pretty good laugh out of that!

I showed her around the yard. My husband has done such a WONDERFUL job making our yard a place I truly love to be. It was a pleasure to share it with my mother.

Then, I had to get started inputting bullying surveys for Loma. I had approximately 30 that needed to be completed in an hour.

With a very slim margin, Mom and I were able to get them done :)

We then raced to the school to pick up Brytin. I was so excited for my mom and my son to finally meet!!

We had to go to the grocery store to pick up a few items for my infamous ham glaze. Mom, of course, had a wonderful time spoiling Brytin with treats – ice cream, bologna, Skittles and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. She spoiled me a little too

Then we went home to start cooking. And cook we did! I made the ham and Mom made her infamous tuna salad. We talked and laughed the whole time. Brytin watched Scooby-Doo and completed his homework and practiced his celebration songs and got to know my mom. He decided to call her Mrs. L.

Just as Brytin finished his homework, Chris came home. It’s always a fun moment between Brytin and I when we hear Betty roaring up the street. It’s a moment of happiness, excitement and genuine love for the number one man in our lives.

Mom paused her arduous task of making me a double batch of tuna salad so she could see Chris’s bike in person. Until James came rumbling up the road, I had completely forgotten it was Wednesday – Aces night. Mom, James, Chris and I hung out for about ten minutes before the guys blazed off for Santee. Mom admired Chris’s fender and his handgrips. She also liked the oil lines on James’ Rocker.

Mom and Brytin played some catch with a foam ball in his room. To which he responded, “I love it when you are here!” Mom convinced him to brush his teeth. And Brytin and I showed off our art work.

Around 9, I brought his mattress out to the living room so he could lie on the floor, next to mom on the couch, and we could all watch Scooby-Doo together. Brytin, of course, insisted that she sit on the floor next to him so he could snuggle up next to her. I then started boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes.

Around 10:30, Chris and James returned. I hadn’t received a warning that they were on their way, so I hadn’t completed the mashed potatoes, started boiling the corn on the cob or sliced the ham. Thankfully, the guys were patient while mom and I raced around the kitchen finishing up the meal we had prepared. It was delicious!

After all the dishes were in the kitchen, the guys talked about club business and mom and I collapsed on the couch. I turned on the TV for the first time all day and we were treated to “Dirty Dancing.”

It was an exhausting day, but one of the greatest days of 2010!

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