Thursday, May 5, 2011


I don't write enough. I want to write everything everyday. For my sanity, for historical data, for insight. But alas there has been one thing or another keeping me from writing. First it was Farmville. Then carpal tunnel. And now its the baby attached to me 23 hrs of the day.

Thankfully I have a smartphone that has the Note Everything app that allows me to take notes. And I have the Bloggeroid app that allows me to post notes from Note Everything to my blogs. But I still don't do it often enough.

There is so much running through my mind everyday (kids, politics, religion, marriage, jokes, etc). I wish I could just sit and write it all out. I have been diligent in keeping a five-yr journal. (One or two sentences about each day.) I started it March 29, 2011. It will be interesting, I think, to read it in 2016.

I first saw a five-yr journal many moons ago. I instantly wanted it, but didn't buy it because it was $80. I still haven't bought one because the books on the market now are not as nice as the one I previously passed up...I keep it on my phone. This way I have access to it every night. About once a week, I email the note to myself for safe keeping.

Anyway, that's my lesson/rambling today...I don't write enough.

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