Wednesday, February 26, 2014


2011 was a year full of grace.

I didn't write about it as much as I wanted to, but that is sort of inherent in the whole "grace" mantra.

I gave myself grace as a first-time mom of an infant with a stepson who had never before had to share my attention. I extended grace to people who needed it, and I asked for it when I needed it.

Last night, I was reminded of my year of grace when I heard this quote by St. Augustine:

"God gives where He finds empty hands..."

I have a 10-page journal entry I wrote about a lyric that I heard in church recently: "Your love is deeper than my view of grace."

It starts out, "I love grace. It is one of my most favorite attributes of God. Grace, favor and mercy." And then I spent a week trying to define grace. However, before I could form my ramblings into something post-worthy, I realized that defining grace was the opposite of the point.

One of the first ever Christian songs I loved went, "I've exhausted every possible solution. I've tried every game there is play...your grace is sufficient for me."

I must come to Him with empty hands, because nothing I can bring is worth a damn. No fancy combination of words can define His gift to me. His grace is sufficient.

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