Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snap Out of It, America!
Learn How to C-O-P-E!

I rarely look at Drudge anymore. It’s too depressing. Similar to WND, it always makes me feel like America is going to hell in a hand basket – quickly.

Unfortunately, I indeed checked out Drudge recently, and it brought me to a sobering headline (pun intended):

“70 million Americans Take Mind-Altering Drugs

Wait. What? 70 MILLION?! New York has about 10 million people – 7 times the population of New York City is under the influence of something?!! What?!

So I click on it. It takes me to WND. Of course. The two websites I try to avoid, because they get me very riled up. And guess what? I’m VERY riled up.

The statistics are STAGGERING. Here is a rundown:

22 million Americans use illegal (aka "recreational") drugs.

Approximately every 19 minutes someone dies from an overdose.

58 million Americans have an alcohol issue. (Which I interpret to mean they choose to have more than one drink per day, every day.)

In addition to the obvious problems I have already listed, 50 MILLION people are using legal, mind-altering drugs - 50 MILLION Americans are PRESCRIBED psychedelic drugs (think Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin, Morphine, etc).

Total that up, and 130 million people are in a state of altered-reality.

I have not double-checked the statistics this guy is throwing out. I have no reason to doubt their validity. But just for argument’s sake, let’s say his error rate is +/- 5% - heck I’ll even decrease the numbers 10 percent. That still leaves just under 120 million in a state of altered-reality.

The “Northeast Megalopolis-” Boston to DC is only 50 million people.

To understand 120 million people, you need to comprehend adding the entire population of the five most highly populated states – CA, TX, NY, FL and Illinois. Adding the ENTIRE population of those five states totals approximately 121 million. (Good for you, one million sober people!)

If the original statistic of 130 million is in fact correct, you have to add in the sixth state, Pennsylvania.

The numbers of Americans on some sort of mind-altering substance is OVER 100 MILLION. At least 100 million of us cannot handle life enough to take it straight.

That is a very sad state of affairs in the United States of America. I understand there are benefits that people receive from their prescribed stupor, but it also alters your mind. It puts you in a situation where you are incapable of dealing with reality.

Straight up reality.

Sober reality.

It is so sad to see that over 100 million Americans are willing to take the risk of dying of an overdose or dying in a car accident or even killing in a car accident - just to avoid their reality.

Even if the numbers are off. Even if the numbers grossly overstated - isn't even a million people too many to be continually high?!

If we want to make this country a better place, we need to start with teaching COPING skills.

As for me, I'm sticking to NPR.

MommaBear is ANGRY!

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