Friday, April 11, 2014

Inside vs. Outside

I recently read a very timely blog posting about "These Hard Economic Times."  I was actually scheduled to visit the dentist for the first time in many moons, and there was a sentence in said blog posting that opened my eyes.

Americans spend 500 million dollars a year to have their teeth whitened -- not cleaned, just whitened to look nice.

500 million dollars a year on WHITENING?!! How many teeth are rotting inside and gleaming on the outside?!

Like many Americans, I haven't been diligent with maintenance - on my teeth, my skin, my car. Our disposable economy has paved a very nasty road that allows simple maintenance to be overlooked and replacement to happen whenever something shows signs of wear. But yet, we try to keep up an APPEARANCE of new.

Watching Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis has reminded me of the value in maintaining and restoring rather than replacing. If each of us could think to spend the money on a little prevention, we could improve our culture, society, environment and even our bank accounts.

And what about the bigger picture? Not just our teeth, but our lives?

Money – how many are living the high life, but drowning in debt? Faith – how many souls are gleaming on the outside and rotting on the inside? Parenting, Working, Relationships -- all have very real implications when you think of the truth inside versus what we display outside.

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