Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Shout Out

Just wanted to let you know, I made the front page of Blogs by Women Bloggers.

I really really really want to write. I love it so much!

I also got a really cool comment today from someone who does NOT know me :) Thank you so much, CougarTales, for the encouragement!


  1. Hi Leslie, I was looking for somebody like me WHO WANTSTO WRITE and share this absolute uncontrollable passion! I am Italian, living in South Africa since 3 years ago and started my own blog last tuesday...Ah what a pleasure sitting at my desk and writing freely, being myself, killing the left brain first and let the other side play the game of FREEDOM...
    I also need support from other people than my friends, I d love you to read my baby born blog and we can exchange comments and advises. What about it?

    love, Lorenza

  2. YES! Definitely. I read your first ever blog and am totally excited to continue reading :)