Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weirdest Dream EVER

I seriously had the WEIRDEST dream ever last night. And no, I did not eat an Oreo McFlurry to cause it! I have NO idea why I had this dream.

I was at my mom's house (which wasn't REALLY my mom's house, it was really an old castle). There was a bunch of random stuff that happened, like putting away groceries, filling vases with flowers, laundry,etc.

So, I'm in the backyard, and I think I'm raking...and Brad Pitt walks up. (No shit.) And I start giving him a hard time, because he had bought Angelina HUGE diamond earrings because Jen (Aniston, obviously) was making fun of her...And so I'm like taunting Brad Pitt, "Oh, Brad, Jen has bigger earrings than me, waaaa waaa waaa," "Oh, don't worry, Angie, I'll fix it!"

And then Angelina pops her head out the window and starts yelling at me, like we're old shit. I'M ON TEAM ANISTON! THIS DREAM IS RIDICULOUS!

So, Angie and I sit down at the table, and we're chatting. About life. And I find out that she's a typcial 34-year-old with all the same problems most 30-year-old girls have...except she is with Brad Pitt and they have like 7 kids...

Apparently, in my dream world, Angie and I are pretty good friends...It's really creeping me out. I even asked her if Brad was good in bed! "Well, you know how sexy guys are...they've never had to work for anything in their lives..."

Anyone care to interpret?!!

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