Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year?

The calendar tells me that time has changed. It is no longer 2010, but my mind isn't thinking that way. I really don't care if it is 2010 or 2011. All I know is that every day that passes, I am 24 hours closer to holding a baby in my arms.

Truthfully, 2011 will bring big changes, but not because of my resolve to change myself or my life. And truthfully, 2010 was a huge year for me, but not because of my resolve to make it so.

I could sit here and develop some goals for 2011, but my heart wouldn't be in it. Tomorrow begins my 28th week of pregnancy, and I just don't think that now is the time to focus on getting organized, getting in shape or getting out of debt. Oh, and because I am pregnant, I already quit smoking ;)

So really, this holiday has passed me by, and I am okay with that. 2010 was a great year and 2011 will be even better.

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