Sunday, July 18, 2010

Malama na honu (Care for the Turtles)

Today I am scheduled to go back to Turtle Beach with Gredel.

In honor of such an adventure, I give you information regarding the green sea turle.

It eats algae and seagrass. It is an herbivore.

The shell is brown. It is called a green sea turtle because the fat underneath the shell is green.

Only eats while underwater.

Green sea turtles are actually ancient - they saw the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct.

They have a heart-shaped shell. A non-retractable small head. Males have bigger tails than females. And they all have big flat flippers for awesome swimming.

The green sea turtle is one of the few turtles that will leave the water (other than laying eggs). For what? Sunbathing, of course :)

One of the interesting things I read is that green sea turtles are easily stressed out, and that is why they often drown - in normal circumstances, honu can hold their breath about five minutes.

National Geographic
Malama na honu

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