Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Hello? Anybody home?" says the Cardinal

Yesterday, as I was learning about the fate of the Mean Girl, Lindsay Lohan, I was feeding a sweet little Zebra Dove some bread crumbs. (When I got up to get bread for the cardinal, he flew away like a scared little baby.)

And then the Mean Myna swooped in and stole all the food!

Today, however, I outsmarted that Mean Myna! The Zebra Doves are willing to enter the house a little, but the Myna are not. So, I put the majority of the bread pieces INSIDE and only a few scraps outside.

Take that mean bird!

The Common Myna, though it looks cool is VERY aggressive.

The Zebra Dove is not a beautiful dove, but it is very sweet and almost tender. At first I was not at all interested in them. I took a photo out of pity...But once I saw this photo, had a much better appreciation for them.

I'm pretty sure the big guy on the right is a spotted dove.

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