Sunday, July 4, 2010


Like I said, I was surprised by the amount of traffic we had to contend with to get to Waikiki. I was also surprised by how far the beach was from Hickam Air Force Base.

In addition, when we actually got to the beach, I was surprised by how short the actual beach was. There were gazillions of people trying to fit their blankets, umbrellas, coolers, bodies, surfboards, etc on like a 10-foot wide space of sand. The tide was high, so a lot of them kept getting wet...Granted, the coast is long, but there are a LOT of hotels claiming sections of that coast...I don't know if I am explaining that in a comprehensible way, but basically, the beach is small...

I was also surprised by how clear the water is (compared to Cali). Chris said it used to be more clear, but pollution has clouded it :(

We saw Diamondhead

Right off the beach, towards the main drag was an insane Banyan Tree (Ficus).

It was a beautiful day in Hawaii.

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