Friday, July 9, 2010

Birds of O'ahu

And now for some more exciting photos of the wildlife I've seen in Oahu. Sorry if they are tiresome, but I have to get these loaded. We are renting a car tomorrow to explore the island, so I am assuming I will come back with 700 photos...

Unfortunately, none of the birds I have seen yet are actually native to Hawaii. They might even be birds we have in Minnesota or California, but I just never noticed...

I am not sure if this first bird is a canary or a finch, but canary sounds more exotic :)

The Cattle Egret I took over 150 pictures of these birds...I whittled it down to the seven best :)

The Common Waxbill is pretty cool looking.

These photos of the red-crested cardinal are the best photographs I have ever taken.

Red-Vented Bulbul

The best photo I have been able to get of a Northern Cardinal. Either they are scared of me or scared of the camera...

And of course, the speedy little rodent...

Mongoose were brought to Hawaii to control the rats. Unfortunately, rats are nocturnal and mongoose are not. Therefore, the mongoose, who have no natural predators, have to be controlled from taking over the entire island.

And that concludes my wildlife photos. I hope you found something interesting :)

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