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Friday December 1, 2006

I can be so flighty
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I ran out of gas today...Well, technically I didn't run out. I pulled over and stopped the car before it could actually die. I have NEVER run out of gas before - and I have been driving for 12 years! (wow, I am old)
See, I got this fancy new car and it tells me how many miles I have until my tank is empty. Since I only drive four miles per day, I can ignore the low gas warnings...
Today at lunch I had an errand to run. I COMPLETELY forgot about the low gas situation. So, I happily ran my errand and was very proud that I got it done quickly so I could be back to work on time -- HA! The second I got on the bumper-to-bumper freeway I remembered the low gas warnings..."1 mile to empty." I'm a moron.
I called a co-worker in a panic and she rushed to help me, so all is well...
Interesting things happen when you are sitting on the side of the 405. Mexicans hit on you, people laugh at you, teenagers turn up their music so you have something to dance to...I will do my best to not run out of gas again.
There were a few nice people who offered to give me rides. It is a weird situation to see hundreds of cars whiz by you, all with sufficient gas, and you have none.
Anyway, I am glad I had the experience, but I would prefer to not have it happen again :)

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