Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunday February 17, 2008

Current mood:compassionate
Jesus said, "I desire compassion, not a sacrifice."
The Pharisees followed every rule imaginable, but had no problem plotting murder on the Sabbath. Only the Good Samaritan helped the injured chap on the side of the road. Christians throughout time have stereotypically been the most judgmental, most condemning and the most hypocritical in a crowd. (Did you know the Catholics didn't apologize to Galileo until 1992?)
Our heart's attitude is what God cares about. No food we eat (or don't eat), no commandment we follow to perfection, no amount of money we donate to someone in need can erase our sins or prove to those around us that Jesus is the Way.
Herod enjoyed listening to John the Baptist, but refused to renege on an impulsive oath in front of his friends. His heart was full of pride rather than love, so he murdered John and served his head on a platter to his wife...A little extreme, but a real example of how pride in our selves can prevent God's love from shining through us.
I pray that today, at least once, I can be filled with compassion for one's of God's beloved.

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