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Sunday December 3, 2006

70 x 7
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It is often quoted from Jesus that we are to forgive 70 x 7...Is that phrase taken out of context? What IS the correct application? When is it healthy and helpful to forgive? When is it only damaging to forgive? I would love others' insight on this one...
17 August 2008 UPDATE
Yesterday in the San Diego Union Tribune, there was an article extolling the physical health benefits of forgiveness. The article had some interesting quotes regarding forgiveness.
"Forgiveness is not about letting them off the hook. It's about continuing on with our journey. It frees up our soul, in a way. You let go of the anger."
-- Paul Livingston, victim of child molestation
"Forgivness doesn't mean excusing, forgetting or pretending that an offense never occurred. It doesn't imply that you trust the offender. Forgiveness is letting go of the bitter, grudging, vengeful feelings."
-- Julie Juola Exline, Professor of Psychology
"When you forgive a person, you are deciding to be freed."
-- Jim LaRue, father of brutally murdered daughter
"Forgiveness is what you do for yourself."
-- Imaculee Ilibagize, survivor of Rwandan genocide
The article talked about what most religious scholars have known for years...There are health benefits to forgiveness.
The beauty is that forgiveness is a process; it's not something you have to immediately do, just something you have to work towards.
The only part of the process the article mentioned was empathy. It said empathy for the offender is key to forgiveness. Once you can deduce why a person did something, you can begin to accept what they have done.

More information on Immaculee Ilibagiza

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