Thursday, July 16, 2009

MySpace Blogs

In an effort to preserve the writing I did on Myspace, I've opened a blogger account. Hopefully, having an actual website full of my writings will inspire me to actually start writing...
Please note - the MySpace blogs started in 2006 and go all the way through July 14, 2009. They are sporaditic in timing, random in topic and pretty rough in language. I did not edit any blog I've copied over. If something I wrote offends you, I am sorry...Sometimes when I am writing, I am not writing for an audience, but for my own sanity. I also didn't copy any comments that were made. Though some were AWESOME and I would totally love to, those comments are not mine to copy. Hopefully, you will reread what I've written and maybe have some fresh comments on my life experiences :)

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