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Wednesday July 2, 2008

Needing a miracle
This really isn't funny anymore. I can't handle the chaos in my world. I can't handle this down-to-the-wire plan You've got going. I adore You, Father, and I understand that it is all about Your timing, all about Your plans for me, Chris, Brytin, etc. Unfortunately, the call I got yesterday was NOT encouraging at ALL. I've been waiting by my phone for the title company to call, but as it turns out, they still don't even have the paperwork from CalVet. Lord, if they don't get it today, it will be impossible to close before we have to be out of our apartment. So, Lord, rather than spend the day fretting about how the rest of the week will play out, I lay it all at Your feet. Please, work it out quickly, cuz I don't have the mental capacity to continue caring.
Just got a call from the realtor. Here's the story:

When our CalVet Loan Officer Linda finally submitted our papers Monday, she had the wrong information (a 30 year loan vs a 20-year loan). When the papers were received at the Sacramento Regional Office, they were rejected.

Yesterday, Linda resubmitted them with the correct loan terms. Because they were a "resubmittal" they had to be reviewed by the Regional Manager. Apparently, Linda didn't submit all our explanations for our various things that were questionable on our credit reports, so the Regional Manager then was going to deny us.

Our realtor spent all day speaking with Linda, the Regional Manager and faxing paperwork on our behalf.

Finally, at noon today, Ann heard from Linda and we have been approved. The paperwork was FedEx'd to the escrow office either last night or this morning. We will be able to sign them tomorrow or Monday (whenever they call me).

Thankfully, our realtor is the owner of this house, so they have agreed to let us move in on Friday regardless of whether or not the papers are signed. We WILL be moving in THIS FRIDAY! Yeah!

God is a miracle worker for sure!

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