Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saturday April 14, 2007

10 years
Current mood: pensive
So, I did this random bulletin survey about what i was doing 10 years ago, then 5 years ago and now today. It was pretty interesting to look at.
I mean, 10 years ago, I was a senior in high school, my mom was in the hospital, I thought I wanted to spend forever with Michael Boeddeker (we broke up like a month and half later). I was working at an automotive repair shop with no plan for the future (not too long after graduation, Frank taught me the bookkeeping for that same auto shop and totally changed my future)'s a mind trip to compare ten years ago to today.
And then, just by chance, five years ago was the first time I moved to Cali. What an amazing time in my life. I was so happy. My life was perfect. And then somehow, five years later, I am also happy, but the circumstances are COMPLETELY different. I am no longer married to the man I was so happily married to five years ago. (And for whatever it is worth, I REALLY WAS HAPPY - and I really am happy now.) It's amazing to me what five years can do...I wonder where I would be today if we hadn't made that fatal move to Minnesota...
That survey has totally infected my mind. I encourage you do that survey or something's fun and educational all at the same time :)

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